Friday, November 18, 2011

Our Trip

My Mother, Sister and I had the amazing opportunity to take a month-long east coast trip. I had such a wonderful time. It felt like a whirlwind and felt in some ways like we were gone for a week and in someways felt like a year! I took SOOOO many pictures, these are a few of my favorites from about half of the trip.

I love chameleons! They are such proof to God's handiwork.

Fossilized dinosaur eggs. Here is proof it doesn't take long fro a fossil to form.

Denielle was making cookies with our friend's young ones. I grabbed my camera and external flash and vwala!  I love the lighting in these

Mamma took us to Churchill downs. Deniell and I were SOO excited we got to watch a race.

We went to the Memphis zoo. It was so pretty and clean. We we went in the morning, so all of the animals were rather active.

 I LOVE this wolf, he's so cute. His cross bite and his eye's! I could just walk up to him and give him a big hug........ if he weren't a wolf. :)

We got back home and had all of this mail sitting on our table. We looked like the post office!